What is Govtech

The GovTech term refers to the application of emerging technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, sensors, internet of things, blockchain, data processing, open data, etc.) to improve the provision of public services by increasing efficiency and reducing costs The GovTech sector is estimated to be worth over $ 1 trillion by 2025 worldwide.

Digital transformation in the public sector has accelerated significantly in the last two years, mainly due to the pandemic, and the development of new processes and digital systems has been a priority for governments and the public sector around the world. The crisis has led governments to redesign their services for the better. The needs created led to a new dynamic global ecosystem and large investments in companies of the industry.

With GovHack, an open structure is created in Greece, accessible to any interested natural person, public body, company, research institute, civil organization, etc. that wishes to actively participate in the digitization of the public sector at national and international level. The innovation center will enable new emerging companies and startups to engage in projects and processes of modernizing the public sector by providing solutions based on emerging technologies of our age, such as artificial intelligence, open data, blockchain and so on.

GovTech Application Results
  • Development of solutions in a short period of time, which will be continuously evaluated during their gradual implementation and of course will be improved, achieving savings in time and resources.
  • Supporting new innovative teams and startups to develop their ideas into integrated market solutions through acceleration programs, thus creating new innovative businesses.
How to get there

With the proposed methodology, the requirements and solutions of new products and services evolve through the cooperation between multidisciplinary working groups that will be staffed by all partners of the Capacity Center in order to promote adaptive design, evolutionary development, timely delivery, continuous improvement, and encouragement for rapid and flexible response to change.