Govhack is an Innovation Center for Digital Transformation in Public Administration, which seeks to create a single innovation and entrepreneurship network to enhance and promote know-how and new good e-government practices aimed at modernizing Public Administration and Local Government.


The purpose of GovHack is to support its member companies and partners with digital transformation in public administration (govtech), with the main goal of providing the appropriate resources that will enable them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the industry, at national and international level.

  • Organizing events and workshops for the development of govtech.
  • Organizing training activities for public and private sector executives.
  • Organizing innovation competitions to support the innovation ecosystem in the field of digital governance and the emergence of innovative solutions.
  • Support for product development research in the form of middleware platforms as a software that provides common services and capabilities to applications other than those offered by the operating system, on which members of the Innovation Center will be able to build final products in productive operation suitable for placing in the market. Pilot middleware platforms will address data management, application services, messaging, authentication and API management while incorporating emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, machine learning, VR.
  • Possibility of internship and training for graduates and young professionals of the innovation ecosystem on the development of digital governance solutions.


Govhack Services
1. Training activities: Development of digital skills of private and public sector executives
  • Entrepreneurship workshops and seminars in fast-paced hybrid on-site and distance learning programs.
  • Internship for vocational training of young graduates and professionals (a total of 20 positions during the implementation of the project).
2. Internal και external Innovation

Organizing workshops, opendays, bootcamps, hackathons and innovation accelerators using platforms.

3. Pilot implementations of small and medium scale digital tools

Application and platform development (open data portal, developers portal, sandboxes).

4. Govtech innovation ecosystem development and networking
  • Support for synergies and collaborations between the members of the Center, the wider innovation ecosystem, SMEs and start-ups, public administration and research institutions.
  • Enhancing the exchange of know-how between ecosystem stakeholders and foreign innovation actors.
  • Promoting the extroversion of institutions and transferring good practices from the international govtech ecosystem.
5. Support in project development and finding funding

The services will be offered to members of the Innovation Center, the innovation ecosystem, SMEs and startups developing technology solutions of public interest, and the wider govtech industry, as well as to public bodies and public sector executives to enhance their digital training and the digital transformation of public administration. Below are analyzed methodological aspects of the services offered.